An introduction to the windows xp operating system

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Microsoft Windows

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Microsoft Windows

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Windows XP

28/11/ 28/11/ by cicnavi. History of Windows.

Microsoft Windows XP operating system

Microsoft sold the first PC operating system to IBM in It was called DOS and it had no user interface (working in command line).

About Windows XP. XP is an operating system developed by Microsoft and it was released in It is build on NT kernel.

Windows XP Bit Edition, released inis the last Windows client operating systems to support Itanium.

Windows XP

Windows Server line continues to support this platform until Windows Server ; Windows Server R2 is the last Windows operating system to support Itanium architecture. Introduction to Windows XP In the first chapter I will give a brief introduction to Windows XP.

I explain briefly what an operating system is, and show you the most important elements in the user interface. Windows XP is an operating system introduced in from Microsoft's Windows family of operating systems, the previous version of Windows being Windows Me.

Introduction to Windows XP Professional The Windows XP operating system is a dynamic and continually changing operating system with new security patches and hot.

Apr 17,  · For a Windows XP version of this article, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article For a Windows Server version of .

An introduction to the windows xp operating system
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