Limitations to monetary policy restricting the economic growth

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9 Main Limitations of the Monetary Policy adopted by the Reserve Bank of India

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9 Main Limitations of the Monetary Policy adopted by the Reserve Bank of India

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Limitations of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy

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Restricted Scope of Monetary Policy in Economic Development: In reality the monetary policy has been assigned only a minor role in the process of economic development. The monetary policy is.

Role of Monetary Policy in Economic Development of a Country

Read this article to learn about the major role of monetary policy in a development economy: Monetary policy in an underdeveloped country plays an important role in increasing the growth rate of the economy by influencing the cost and availability of credit, by controlling inflation and maintaining equilibrium the balance of payments.

Monetary policy is the process by which the monetary authority of a country controls the supply of money with the purpose of promoting stable employment, prices, and economic growth. Monetary policy can influence an economy but it cannot control it directly.

There are limits as to. Restricted Scope of Monetary Policy in Economic Development: In reality the monetary policy has been assigned only a minor role in the process of economic development.

Monetary policy

The monetary policy is not given any predominant role in the process of economic development. Limitations of monetary policy and fiscal policy clearly warn us against assuming that we have the matters of stable economic growth and full employment firmly in hand.

Yet, to end on a negative note would be unfortunate. Monetary policy ultimately has a limited capability to directly influence real variables such as output growth over the long-term. Third, the central bank should make a medium-term numerical inflation objective the cornerstone for its monetary policy actions and communications.

Limitations to monetary policy restricting the economic growth
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Monetary Policy and the Future of Central Banking: Implications for Africa