Music for the souls

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The Best Soul Music Songs and Albums of All Time!

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Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Dark Souls

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Soul On Fire

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Power Of Music Quotes

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‘A war for the soul of America’: Barbra Streisand takes on Trump – and she’s not kidding about

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Every now and then, you need a little motivational, inspirational, feed-my-spirit music.

How music acts as medicine for the soul

Anybody who’s been through tough times, knows what that’s all about. By special request and popular demand, Toney Campbell has put together a non-stop, super mix of Music For The Soul, available EXCLUSIVELY on The music-fueled sessions didn't seem to make them more uncomfortable — even though they were working their bodies harder.

Researchers theorize that listening to our favorite music while exercising not only inspires us but also motivates us to work harder and experience less discomfort. What is Music For The Souls? Music For The Souls is both an alternative platform for music discovery Aren’t you more sensitive to an artist, band or song that someone made you discover?

MS: This was my first time to make music for this kind of atmosphere. So I had close communication with the game's producer to compose the best fit music for Dark Souls. Combining elements of jazz, R&B, and traditional gospel music, soul is a genre that became popular in the s and hasn't looked back since.

Though there have been periods where soul has thrived more so than others, the best soul singers are widely regarded as some of the most popular figures in music .

Music for the souls
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