Principles in the use of medication

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Fundamental Principles of Harm Reduction What is Harm Reduction? Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies that help people reduce the negative safer use of drugs, managed drug use or abstinence. Ambivalence and relapse are not unexpected, and are not reasons to cut off services or. Principles of Designing a Medication Label for IV Piggyback Medication for Patient-Specific, Inpatient Use January 12, The risk of medication errors can occur when labels are poorly designed.

Thirteen Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug use harms others (appeal to the harm principle) Everyone (except some anarchists) accepts that it is legitimate for the criminal law to prohibit some serious harm to others.

The use of computerized systems to record medications has helped to decrease medication errors, because nurses are not trying to read written forms of the prescriptions. Dr.’s can electronically add a new medication order to a pt.

chart from any location. principles of drug addiction t r e at m e n t A research-based guide.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition)

P r i n c i p l e s of Effective her drug use. To be effective, treatment must address Research also has revealed a set of overarching principles that characterize the most effective drug abuse and addic.

General Principles. Drug Use in Pregnancy Antimicrobials, analgesics, anti-emetics, tranquilisers. • over-the-counter use of drugs is common- pregnancy is .

Principles in the use of medication
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