The progressive era within the north american nation

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The Progressive Movement

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Progressivism in the United States

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Progressivism in the United States

The Progressive Movement was an effort to cure many of the ills of American society that had developed during the great spurt of industrial growth in the last quarter of the 19th century. The frontier had been tamed, great cities and businesses developed, and an overseas empire established, but not all citizens shared in the new wealth, prestige, and optimism.

Progressive Era reformers stressed 'object teaching,' meeting the needs of particular constituencies within the school district, equal educational opportunity.

Leaders in the Progressive Era. National Progressive political leaders included Theodore Roosevelt, Robert M.

La Follette Sr., and Charles Evans Hughes on the Republican side, and William Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson, and Al Smith on the Democratic side.

Across the nation, middle-class women organized on behalf of social reforms during the Progressive Era. Using the language of municipal housekeeping women were able to push such reforms as prohibition, women's suffrage, child-saving, and public health.

The Progressive Era was a period of widespread social activism and political reform across the United States, from the s to s.

The main objective of the Progressive movement was eliminating corruption in government.

The progressive era within the north american nation
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